Where to find information about the model, macOS and technical specification of a Mac

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About This Mac



The About this “Overview” provides summary information regarding your Mac's specification and provides sub-menu's for further information on storage and .

Storage sub-menu


The storage sub-menu shows information regarding 's , also know as hard-disk size, hard-drive size, Size, size. In this example above, the Mac has a 500GB SSD (Solid State Drive) and there is 365.8 GB free or unused.

Clicking on the “Manage” button provides further breakdown regarding storage usage.

iMacs in particular were purchased with a “fusion” drive. 's attempt to improve the permormance of iMacs.

A fusion drive is in fact two drives. A small SSD or “flash-drive” plus a larger conventional HDD (Hard-Disk Drive). New iMacs now come with SSD's only as the HDD in the fusion setup had a tendency to not last beyond 3 years although the flash-drive kept working. Fusion drives can be identified as either of the following

fusion-drive-imacHow a fusion drive should-appear


How a broken fusion drive appears


Memory sub-menu


This screen shows the total number of memory slots available plus the size of the individual -sticks and their speed. It is important to replace RAM sticks of identical type and speed although the size can be the same or larger.

's tend to have two ram-slots whereas 's tend to have four. Not all Mac models are upgradeable, some models have the RAM “soldered-in” and cannot be upgraded.