How often should I replace my Hard Disk Drive (HDD)?

If your Computer or Laptop is 6 years or older, the hard disk drive has a 50% chance of total or partial failure at any moment.

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Do you really want to risk losing all your data?

If your computer or Laptop has Windows Vista, Windows XP or even Windows 7, it means your computer is probably more than 6 years old and if you have never upgraded your Hard Disk Drive (HDD) you are in danger of your disk drive failing and potentially losing your data.

HDD’s over 6 years or older have more than a 50% chance of failing.

Let the IT Guys upgrade your computer with a new or 1,000GB (1 TB) Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or SSD and set you up with an External HDD backup to safeguard your precious data.

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We also provide Cloud backup services for a few dollars per month.

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