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computer repairs perth

Wether you are an individual or a , we can supply, manage, repair, and replace all your computer equipment and software. We have experience with Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, computers, , , equipment and peripherals.

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Computer and Equipment Repair and Troubleshooting

Computer Upgrades

When your old computer or IT equipment stops behaving itself, slows down or becomes unresponsive, then it may need to be repaired, upgraded or replaced.

In order to ascertain your options, we first need to test and assesses the equipment, software or device.

The IT Guys assess, evaluate and provide a fixed-price estimate to fix your Computer, PC, Apple, , , Network or E-Mail issue for only :assess-fee: (providing you can bring the device to our workshop).

We can come out to your premises, but we prefer to save you money by having you bring the problem to our workshop.

Please contact us on the number below to discus your options.