Do you have a Foxtel/Telephone/Internet Bundle and very slow Internet?


If you want super-fast internet you may have to switch your bundle to a bundle

Foxtel are currently 50% owned by Telstra, and part of the arrangement both companies have is that they can bundle Foxtel with telephone and Internet Services.

However, if your bundle is through Foxtel, chances are the internet connection is only (through the old copper telephone line) even though faster HFC (Foxtel ) or Fiber (NBN) services may well be available at your premises.

An example of this is a client of our in Claremont, Western Australia. We find out that this Foxtel cable subscriber has been suffering paltry internet speeds for years as the modem Foxtel supplied him only connects to his telephone line instead of the cable ().

We told him to go and speak to Telstra, now he is getting all the same Foxtel channels PLUS HFC Cable Internet (30 mbps and over) and paying less money.

The HFC cable network is owned by the NBN company but at the moment only Telstra are allowed to use it for Internet. This is set to change in the next year or two as NBN take over the HFC network and provide even faster Internet speeds over it.

To find out if you qualify for HFC (Cable) broadband, or NBN (Fibre) go to the following URL and enter your address.

…and click on “Check Availability

If your one of the lucky ones you will see either the following message



… if your ARE NOT Lucky …you may well see the following and will just have to be resigned to snails-pace internet until NBN comes to town.


NBN over HFC delayed until Q3/Q4 2018

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