MacOS High Sierra

You will find the latest MacOS update either in the App Store or by now it may be popping up on your screen, imploring you to .

Click on the “download button” to commence downloading the 5.17 GB download file but before you do:

  • Make sure you have a full time machine backup of your
  • Make sure you are plugged into power
  • Ideally only attempt the upgrade using a wired network connection rather than wi-fi

This could take several hours to download depending on your speed.

If the installation fails, your computer goes to sleep or there is a loss of , you may corrupt the operating system and may then need to restore from the last full backup.


The upgrade is also only available for the following Mac models

mac os high sierra


But if you do manage to upgrade fully you can then enjoy a list of new features as detailed here on the Apple website

Especially the following:

If you already have “Microsoft 365” installed,  you may need to update this software manually after the High Sierra installation.

Simply open up , click on “Help” and then “check for updates” and follow the prompts. If not already set to “Automatic” you may be prompted to install quite a few updates which could take up to an hour depending on your internet speed. So please be patient.

Enjoy the new features. If you have any installation issues that you cannot get over, please consult the High Sierra Help page

Need more help?

Update: Business as usual for workshop repairs, remote support and onsite support.

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