Just because you have a Virus protection program doesn’t mean your computer is safe.


Many of us ignore the little warning buttons that Windows uses to warn us of potential threats and unless you keep you system regularly updated it is vulnerable to threats which can leave you open to scammers and fraudsters.

These flags are warning us that something is wrong and needs your attention. Hover your mouse over the warning sign and you will get a message informing you of the problem. Do not ignore those warnings.


When was windows last updated? Microsoft issue DAILY updates to fix security holes that have been detected and targetted by the latest spammers and virus creators. Miss out on just ONE DAY of updates and your could be vunerable to attack. More Details here.

Check # 2 – PROTECTION

Do you have a program that is up to date? Do you know how to check if you have one?


is your Virus Protection up to date? Do you know how to check it is or not?

Check # 4 – PLUGINS

If you use Internet Explorer are you using a secure version? If your still using IE6 or IE7 your vulnerable to spma and virus attack plus you will be unable to browse a large number of sites.


Is Internet Explorer running any malicious plug-ins?


Run a FULL SCAN at least monthly for viruses and malware instead of the normal Quick-Scan?


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