What is “The Cloud”

Confused by“The Cloud”? … You are not alone! Let The IT Guys (WA) explain it in layman’s terms: the differences, advantages/disadvantages & costs of “The Cloud” What is Cloud-Computing?, What is Cloud-storage? What are Cloud-Applications ? How does it differ between Apple and Windows computers, laptops, phones and tablets? We […]

what is the cloud

What is a NAS drive and why do I need one?

NAS (Network-Attached-Storage) drives are a safer way of storing or backing up data, than a conventional External Hard Disk Drive (EHDD). We explain why. If you are not currently doing any form of backing up of your data (photos, music, documents) we suggest you implement local and/or cloud backup immmediately […]

Backing up iPhone or iPad using iCloud

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iMac, setting up iCloud is the easiest way to backup your device automatically over WiFi and every user gets a FREE 5GB of data storage with each account. According to our research over 70% of iPhone/iPad users have NEVER or RARELY backup their […]