If you use a smart-phone you are already using mobile-broadband to receive emails, messages and browse websites.

Mobile-Broadband is similar to -Wireless in the fact that Internet and Telephone services are transmitted over radio-waves from the nearest mobile tower.

A big advantage of using mobile-broadband is the fact that is immediate (once you have purchased a mobile internet post-paid or pre-paid service from a Telecomm provide). No need to wait for a technician to install cables or dig up the road.

Mobile-Broadband can also be described as Internet, Cellular Internet, Mi-Fi, 3G//5G Internet which are all terms that describe accessing the Internet on a Computer, or device using the same radio waves that mobile use.

Connecting to the Internet via Mobile-Broadband  is widely available and offered bt Telecom companies such as , Optus, Dodo etc.

3G is an older (slower) technology mostly now superseded by 4G and soon to be superseded by 5G technology which is many times faster again.

Mobile Internet (Mobile-Broadband) is available as a pre-paid or post-paid service but unlike NBN or , it is generally charged by the used. It is rare to find an “Unlimited-dataMobile-Broadband Plan.

There are 4 ways you can use Mobile-Broadband in Australia

  1. Using a USB-Dongle connected to the USB port of a computer
  2. Using a “MI-FI” device or “Mobile
  3. Some iPads, Laptops, , have a removable “SIM” card that allows them to receive Mobile-Broadband directly without the need for 1 or 2 above.This is also known as Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology.
  4. By “tethering” using your mobile smart-phone as a mi-fi device and connecting to it by Wi-Fi

Mobile-Broadband is easily and quickly available in most urban and country areas and adequate if you are an occasional user and/or there is no other alternative in your area.

Using Mobile-Broadband for heavier usage such as streaming-video (Netflix, , Foxtel, iView etc.) is more expensive than using an NBN service and should be considered carefully before you start receiving hefty bills.

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