Having problems getting Internet and Wi-Fi throughout your home or office?

We offer a number of Wi-Fi troubleshooting solutions.

Wi-Fi troubleshooting

In the past the majority of homes had one PC/Computer connected by an Ethernet cable to a which was connected to a telephone point. Today, this is the exception rather than the rule.

connecting adsl router to computer

Your fastest speed is always going to be when connecting to the modem with an ethernet cable.

However, Smart Phones, iPads and many laptops can only connect to the internet wirelessly over Wi-Fi.

ISP supplied Internet Modem Routers provide Wi-Fi internet but the further you get away from the modem, the weaker the signal and internet speed become.

wi-fi modem in lounge

With the explosion of personal Wi-Fi enabled devices (iPad, Tablets, laptops); smart-phones (iPhone, Android, ); Smart/Internet enabled TVs; Video streaming services (, Foxtel); Wireless Speakers (Sonos, Bose) and ;  is now a necessity in every room and corner of the house and even outside.

Unfortunately, your standard ISP-supplied NBN or Internet modem/router will only deliver Wi-Fi over a short distance and will not penetrate thick walls or concrete floors. Even though you may have recently upgraded to the NBN, you will only benefit from the improved speeds by using a hard-wired network (ethernet) cables.

You can improve the speed and distance the wi-fi signal will travel by using Wi-Fi boosters and Wi-Fi extenders (including POE and Powerline devices) but only with a limited effect.

It is impossible to achieve high-speed internet via boosters and extenders over more than 2 or more rooms, the drop-off in speed and bandwidth compared to that at the modem can be 50% or higher.

Powerline (POE) Extenders are designed to transmit internet signals using the exisiting electrical wiring in your house. What the manufacturers do not tell you, is they will only work if the two power sockets you are connecting between are on the same wiring loop. Unfortunately, you are not going to know if this is the case until you buy and install them and try them out, even if they are on the same loop, the signal can be interrupted or blocked if an electrical appliance is using the same wiring loop.

Boosters and Extenders will not work between concrete floors and are suited to large single-floor open-plan homes and offices.

If your home or office has Smart-Wiring back to a central hub of comms box your best solution would be to add Wireless-Access-Points () at strategic locations to provide Wi-Fi to other parts of the building away from the modems location.

WARNING FOR HOME BUILDERS – Smart-Wiring Internet packages offered by many builders and home-automation companies are purely hard-wired solutions, that will provide top-speed internet as long as your TV, Media Player, Computer or device are physically connected to an Ethernet Outlet by an Ethernet Cable (see below)

move router to comms box

The above solution only allows for the modem/router to broadcast a strong Wi-Fi signal in one location (usually the garage or a cupboard, if located in the “hub” or “comms-box” or in a single room)

We offer 5 solutions:

Wireless Smart-Wired-Home solutions for small houses, units or apartment

Wireless Smart-Wired-Home solutions for medium sized homes

Wireless Smart-Wired-Home solutions for large sized homes

Wireless Smart-Wired-Home solutions for extra large sized homes with multiple floors

Network and Internet Connection between Buildings

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* Unifi in-wall units and WAP's must be powered by a or POE injector plus a Key to configure the systems.

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