Network Design & Consulting services to households, business clients, Architects, Designers and Builders for Smart Wiring of Homes and Offices.

Wether you are building, designing, renovating or moving house/office The IT Guys can help with Networking, Internet and Wifi issues.

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Internet and Wi-Fi Testing and Consultancy Services

Designing, Building and upgrading home and office Networks

During the design phase of any house,  office build or renovation, the internet and networking requirements of the or office need to be considered to ensure it is “future-proof”. This is often referred incorrectly as a “Smart-Home”or “Smart-Wiring”

Architects often rely on their Electrical Contractors or the Builder for advise and more often than not will try and sell you a “Smart-Home” package from a “Smart-Home-Contractor” that specialise in “home technology solutions, smart wiringhome automation, one touch control, security systems, audio visual products” etc. Any Electrical Contractor can carry out “Smart (Ethernet) Wiring and cabling” but many prefer to sub-contract it out as they do not like terminating .

Many Building companies attempt to sell clients an “Smart-Home” packages carried out by “Smart-Home-Contractors” which often offer solutions that are already 10 years out-of-date and do not meet the demands of a modern families internet and entertainment requirements.

Many “Smart-Home” packages only offer “hard-wired” internet/home-networking solutions which DO NOT take into consideration the demands of multiple smart-phones, , computers, sound-systems, security-systems, TV's and streaming that all require high-speed access throughout the whole house and often into gardens and out buildings.

These contractors are still stuck in an era where everyone had a home-theatre and was the only non- solution, and the Foxtel signal needed to be piped through the house using multiple coaxial and cables and multi-room infra-red controllers.

In 2017 there are a multitude of entertainment options available in addition to traditional Foxtel and Free-to-Air TV. All require fast internet streaming services and offer simultaneous streaming on multiple TV's and devices. Hard wiring coaxial and HDMI cabling throughout the house is ancient technology, as are the requirements for multiple “-Boost” devices.

The IT Guys (WA) offer consulting services to Clients, Architects, Designers and to make sure the technologies to be deployed (Computers, Servers, TV's, Home Theatres, Telephones, Alarms etc) are the correct ones to meet the clients needs.

We turn basic electrical wiring plans – Into detailed networked wiring plans including specifying the equipment to be employed

The IT Guys also provide cost estimates on the preferred equipment including supply and final setup (if required) using the best networking and sound systems.

If you would like the IT Guys to give you an independent or assessment and you are based in Perth. Please give us a call on 08 6365 5603 and we will see if we can help.

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