Boost and Extend Wi-Fi Internet through your house or up to 500% with the latest MESH technology.

Amplifi Router

The ™ HD (High Density) can be used as a stand-alone or with other AmpliFi™ Mesh Routers for multi-hop, self-healing wireless coverage and enhanced range.

For a typical home, the router alone delivers maximum throughput to meet your streaming and gaming demands with lag-free performance.


The Router features an innovative and simple design with an intuitive touchscreen display.

A mobile app is available for and Android platforms for instant setup and easy management.

AmpliFi is available as a Standalone HD Mesh Router (simply plug it into the back of your existing modem and create a Wi-Fi network 400% to 500% more powerful than your average Telstra, or Optus supplied router) or as a part of a Mesh kit including Router and two mesh points.

Standalone () is great for powerful coverage in an average sized space. Additionally, the standalone mesh router can be a powerful tool when added to existing AmpliFi hardware. Range: 10,000 Sq Ft.

Recommendations for pre-wired/smart-wired house

If you do not wish to go the the expense of wiring and already have ethernet points  (at least one per floor) we suggest using individual  Standalone (AFI-R) hard wired to an Ethernet port and connected to a switch or modem at the hub.

multi storey amplifi solution


Amplifi Reviews

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Recommended Setup for Average Homes

Our recommendation in most homes is to simply start with 1 x Standalone (AFI-R) per floor and see how much coverage this provides. Mesh Points can be added as required if extra coverage is required.

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