How to get 100 mbps internet without NBN

Get internet download speeds of over 100 mbps in Perth WITHOUT NBN or Fibre and for less than $100 per month You don’t need to wait for the NBN to enjoy super-fast internet TODAY if you follow these steps     The HFC cable network is owned by the NBN […]

How slow is the Internet in Australia? Slower than anyone first thought.

The NBN Akamai ‘State of the Internet’ Q4 Report Released in March 2017, paints a bleaker internet picture than anyone had previously reported. What is surprising is that it reports that overall internet speeds in Australia are still lower than we previously reported in February 2015 in the post “How […]

Beauty without borders – The Dell UltraSharp InfinityEdge Monitors from $449

Beauty without borders The IT Guys recommend The Dell UltraSharp 24 InfinityEdge Monitor (U2417H) that takes your view to the edge with 45% less black borders than Dell’s previous 23.8” monitor. The It Guys supply these for A$449 (inc GST). The InfinityEdge range can also be supplied in the following […]

Boost office productivity instantly. Give your staff dual monitors

Ask anyone who uses two computer monitors with a PC and they will tell you they’ve never been so productive. It’s true, not having to swap screens between your email client and a web browser saves so much time and is less fatiguing. Try it for yourself. These ergonomic monitor-stands from […]

What is a NAS drive and why do I need one?

NAS (Network-Attached-Storage) drives are a safer way of storing or backing up data, than a conventional External Hard Disk Drive (EHDD). We explain why. If you are not currently doing any form of backing up of your data (photos, music, documents) we suggest you implement local and/or cloud backup immmediately […]

IT disasters – A private organisation with FileCryptor Ransomware

A real account of a recent incident experienced by an private organisation known to us in the Perth, Western Australia (December 2016) infected with FileCryptor Ransomware.  An employee of a private organisation in Perth received a dubious email disguised as an invoice. The email did not have an attachment and on face value appeared to […]

IT disasters – a 24/7 Supermarket with multiple virus infections.

A real account of a recent incident experienced by a 24/7 Supermarket known to us in Perth, Western Australia (January 2017) with multiple virus infections. The IT Guys manage and monitor the Anti-Virus software of a 24/7 Supermarket through AVG Cloudcare. Unfortunately, they have not heeded our advice regarding their backup regime, Internet connection and […]

Protecting your iPhone/iPad from little fingers

If you have children (or grandchildren) that you occasionally let play educational apps/games on an iPhone or iPad, then there is a built-in setting to stop them accidentally (or purposely) getting out of that app/game and accessing other applications or data or accidentally wiping everything off the device. You can […]