Business PC’s over 3 years old? Time to replace with Dell.

Introducing Dell Optiplex Desktop PC’s from $1,430* or All-in-One from $1,773 with 3 years onsite warranty. Running a business today, you cannot afford to have computer downtime and idle staff. With the demands of new software and programs you also need to keep your IT equipment up-to-date and replace them […]

Protect your Business by using the correct version of Microsoft Office.

  If your Business is still using Office 2003, 2007, 2010, 2011 and NOT Office 365, then you are already putting your business under serious risk of being hacked or compromised. However, using the WRONG version of Office 365 can also be putting your organisation at similar risk. Where does […]

Microsoft Bookings appointment management, now part of Office 365.

Microsoft Bookings is a NEW feature of the Office 365 Business Premium package and it makes it easy for small businesses to schedule and manage appointments with their customers. Bookings gives you a quick and easy alternative to scheduling appointments over the phone. A customizable public webpage lets your customers […]

Office 365 Business – Pricing and Products Explained

There are many versions of Microsoft Office 365 including: Microsoft Office 365 Personal and Microsoft Office 365 Home which are suitable for individuals and families but they are NOT recommended for businesses. Office 365 Business packages are supported and administered by The IT Guys (WA) as a Microsoft Partner on behalf of Telstra […]

How to protect yourself from a Ransomware attack Part 2

Enhanced Ransomware Protection for Businesses How to protect you or your companies Computers, Laptops and Servers from a Ransomware encryption attack. …. part 2 We covered the 5 basic points of Ransomware protection in the original post. This post provides options that Businesses can employ to further protect their organisations […]

How to check Windows Updates are current and properly installed

How to check Microsoft Windows Updates are up-to-date and properly installed on a PC, Computer or Laptop. To ensure your computer works properly, securely and is compatible with other software, Microsoft periodically issues “patches” or “updates” which in most cases are automatically installed without you even knowing it. How do […]

How to update Windows Operating Systems

To prevent your computer or laptop from virus attacks, it is essential that your keep your Microsoft Windows OS (Operating System) …. up-to-date. We show you how. Step 1 – Determine which Windows Version you have? What Windows Operating System Do I have? Step 2 – Check Windows Updates are […]

What Windows Operating System Do I have?

How to tell which version of Microsoft Windows your computer is using? There are a number of methods you can use to determine what version of Microsoft Windows “Operating System” or “Version” your Computer, PC, Laptop or Tablet is using. We show you two methods. At the moment, the only Microsoft […]

Renew Office 365 with the IT Guys and get a FREE Virus Scan and Health Check

Office 365 Subscribers in Western Australia get a FREE computer service and health check if they renew their Office Subscription through the IT Guys (WA)* You will pay the IT Guys (WA) exactly the same fee as upgrading directly from Microsoft which is currently: A$ 89 for Office 365 Personal […]

Microsoft Office 2007 – Expiring Soon. Time to upgrade.

Support for Office 2007 ends in October 2017. Office 2007 is now 10 years old and has been long superseded by Office 2010, Office 2011, Office 2013 and Office 2016/Office 365. It will no longer be supported from October 2017. The Office 2007 suite comprised of some or all of […]

How to get 100 mbps internet without NBN

Get internet download speeds of over 100 mbps in Perth WITHOUT NBN or Fibre and for less than $100 per month You don’t need to wait for the NBN to enjoy super-fast internet TODAY if you follow these steps     The HFC cable network is owned by the NBN […]